These are the 20 startups that will be at the Investor Event 2020

After a hard and challenging selection process, we can finally share the list of startups that will present their projects in an online pitching on July 8, 15, 22 and 29 in front of mobility investors. There will also be a second part of the event, one in person, on the  23-25th September in Granada…

Investor Event

Tom Horsey, Connected Mobility HUB’s co-founder and organizer of the investment event specializing in mobility that takes place next May in Málaga, tells us how this year’s Investor Event will be, its changes, and its innovations.

5 startups de carpooling que quizás no conocías

Dentro del cada vez más amplio sector de la movilidad y dentro de las muchas modalidades de carpooling que existe, hay que distinguir entre las plataformas como uber, Cabify, Lyft (ride-hailing) que se trata de un modelo colaborativo que conecta pasajeros con conductores y normalmente ofrecen un servicio de transporte centrado en trayectos urbanos de cortas…

“Startups help us gain a better understanding of the future“

Christoph Grote, Senior Vice-President BMW Group Electronics, showed at WebSummit 2018 in Lisbon how BMW’s connected cars are becoming digital, personalised, intelligent and intuitive to interact with to improve the quality  of life for their customers.

“Being ‘Smart’ means doing more with less”

In today’s interview we are lucky to have Jaime Ruiz in Connected Mobility’s blog. Jaime is Coordinator of Energy Group in the Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI) wich reunites 81 cities in Spain in order to work toguether and share innovative experiences and initiatives. He has also coordinated European projects related to sustainable mobility…

“It’s very exciting to see that we can contribute to make a change”

The bus market has evolved less than other, but we will see radical changes. At least that’s how Eduardo Torres, CEO of Lowbus, see the market.  When we speak about modern mobility, we rarely think of buses but the truth is that it’s one of the most efficient and responsible collective transport that exists.

Conoce DriiveMe, la startup que quiere que alquiles un coche por 1€

Puede sonar demasiado bueno para ser verdad, pero no lo es. DriiveMe ha encontrado la forma de hacer que las empresas ahorren hasta el 75% de sus costes ofreciendo alquiler de vehículos a usuarios a un precio mínimo. Según ellos, es un modelo con el que ‘todo el mundo gana’.

HUB Movilidad Conectada: Repasamos lo más destacado de este 2018

Hemos llegado al ecuador de 2018. El año ha arrancado   lleno de proyectos y acciones que valoramos de forma muy positiva como el desarrollo del programa de emprendimiento HUB Ventures o la celebración del primer Investor Event centrado en movilidad de España y Portugal. ¡Gracias a todos los que han ayudado a hacerlo posible!