These are the 20 startups that will be at the Investor Event 2020

After a hard and challenging selection process, we can finally share the list of startups that will present their projects in online pitching on July 8, 15, 21 and 28 in front of mobility investors.

There will also be a second part of the event, on the 3rd September in online networking session. 

European Investment in mobility startups post Covid-19

COVID-19 has had a disruptive impact on the way we live and move around, on cities and society as a whole.

In the mobility sector, there are great opportunities of growth. Innovation became more important than ever before, as well as to be able to ensure the positive effects that mobility solutions can provide to our society in order to mitigate the risks of a new virus outbreak.

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In this context, from Connected Mobility Hub we know that there is a great deal of talent and desire to undertake in the mobility sector in Southern Europe. For this reason we want to provide with visibility to startups in our region through the Mobility Focused Investor Event that will be held next July

The registration period to participate closed on May 31 and we can finally share the list of startups that will pitch online to investors.

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Logistics & Autonomous / Connected Car Startups – 8th July | 12:00 pm

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  • Cargobici: they specialise in industrial cargo bikes. They are the ideal vehicles for tackling last mile logistics with efficient, economical and environmentally sustainable vehicles.
  • Youship: they provide an efficient and cheaper delivery option for instant delivery by connecting any business with local couriers.
  • Visiocargo: a platform for real-time visibility of road freight. 
  • Smart Monkey:  a platform to plan & optimize routes.
  • LetMePark: mobility services connected to the only virtual parking assistant that automates the entire parking process from search to payment and expense management.
  • Be My Car: find the car you want, try it out and ask people like you.
  • Sideways: they are building the future of wheelchairs to empower our users and finally make them independent with our autonomous driving solution.

Shared Mobility Startups – 15th July| 12:00 pm

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  • Hoop Carpool:aims to promote carpooling in cities through a mobile application
  • Alfred Chofer: a platform for on-demand chauffeur services.
    They provide services for private customers who do not want or can drive
  • Nuvven: AI driven car rental platform fully digitises local car hire operators, delivering significant cost savings through efficiency, best in class utilisation and growth in customers.

Electric Mobility Startups – 21st July| 12:00 pm

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  • OX Riders: the electric motorcycle for the pioneers of this revolution. A motorcycle with class and style for nonconformists. Equipped with the latest technology that makes your ride a unique and safe experience.
  • Velca: Velca is the Spanish brand of electric motorcycles. They transform the mobility in the cities impacting in a direct way in the environment and in the life of the people.
  • Carga tu coche: they are developing a service platform in which electric vehicle users have everything they need in their daily lives in a comfortable way and at the click of a button.
  • AdSeat by AddMovement: they produce and design products that inspire and enable people to a more mobile life. The AddSeat seat can be bought separately and fitted to your own Segway or we can supply the whole chair.
  • EVA Global: they are professional services firm obsessed with the customer experience and accelerating the transition to electric mobility. 

Smart City/ Sustainable Mobility Startups – 28th July| 12:00 pm

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  • Wifly: Wifly is a premium e-bike subscription service that combines the best of a private e-bike (maximum safety state to circulate and complete availability) with the best of bike-sharing (the user won’t have to worry about absolutely anything)
  • Iomob: is an open MaaS technology platform for rail, cities and their transit agencies. It enables transport providers to offer citizens world-class connected mobility services, by creating scalable and efficient mobility markets that are interoperable between cities.
  • MiMoto Parking: company that manages and operates exclusive car parkings for motorcycles with individual lockers in city centers.
  • The largest comparator of renting, new and occasion vehicles in Spain. We have the largest range of vehicles available for you to find the car of your dreams in a few clicks.
  • Kido Dynamics: Kido Dynamics democratizes Big Data, providing the most advanced insights to make cities smarter. Companies, governments and public institutions can know deeply understand people’s mobility patterns: where they come from and go to, the routes they take, and time and seasonal aspects.

I want to be part of the Mobility Investor Event 2020

If you are an investor with an interest in the mobility sector, register to participate in the Investor Event organized by Connected Mobility Hub through the following link:

Investor Form

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