CargoBici: Little green rules to change the world


Cargo bicycles are the ideal vehicles to face the last mile logistics with efficient, economical and environmentally sustainable vehicles.

Tell the community who you are and what is your project about:

Cargobici is a startup that offers last-mile logistics solutions in a sustainable way and with a socially responsible perspective.

The most important aspects on which it is based are the next ones:

  1. Industrial cargo bicycles, assembled in Barcelona and its own R+D+I department.
  2. Qualified personnel with labor contract for distribution from the socio-labor insertion (disabled, former or in general, from sectors at risk of social exclusion.
  3. Sustainable management of cargo breaks in city centers, with what we call “invisible containers” and that this same week they have begun to apply, with different changes, in New York.

We are working on the realization of the pilot tests in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona with the collaboration of local administrations. We also have a wide network of partners from different sectors: technology (route optimization, shipment management, bigdata) advisors (Cimalsa, Biciclot, Consorci Zona Franca de Barcelona) and service provision (Can Cet, Urban Recipes…)

What differential value do you contribute to the sector that doesn’t do your competitors?

  • We provide a cheaper, greener, more versatile vehicle with more market autonomy.
  • We provide technology to service providers, so we facilitate our own data engineering.
  • We provide a solution to the logistics m2 price in urban centers
  • We provide a socio-labor insertion model
  • We provide carbon footprint reduction
  • We provide reduction of contaminating particles
  • We provide a logistics solution to administrations for the application of the ZBE

Who is your product or service aimed to?

It is a business model that is a win-win for Public Administrations and for private companies that operate in the last mile of densely populated cities.

Although the Public Administration is a necessary collaborator, it is the logistics industry who is our main client. It is a business with a clear B2B vocation for the comprehensive provision of cycling services: vehicles, riders and spaces.

And not only with the aim of the Ecommerce parcel, since there are sectors that we can access with our technological improvements, such as the pharmaceutical channel, Horeca, etc., in general all companies, large or SMEs, that need to operate logistically In the last mile.

Tell us about your team, what motivates you and how is your journey so far:

We have been able to gather a large cross-sectional team, with experts in logistics, electric vehicles and their technical service, experts in socio-labor insertion and with positive experiences in the field of cycling, with a trained, motivated and innovative technology-based team.

We work with different companies and associations in the sector such as:

  • Cimalsa: They work in Promotion, project, construction, commercialization, management and administration of integrated merchandise exchanges, and infrastructures for transport activities and logistics operations of merchandise. It offers the transport and logistics sectors the best locations for their competitiveness. In this sense, it is an instrument of the Department of Territory and Sustainability to develop transport and logistics policy.
  • Can Cet: Human Resources. It is a social enterprise constituted as a Special Work Center, constituted as a Limited Nonprofit Society, whose main objective is the socio-labor insertion of people with Functional Diversity. They are a pioneer in the implementation in their business logistics of the Balance of the Economy of the Common Good throughout the Spanish territory.
  • Biciclot: They provide us with the Technical Service and Training. It is a work cooperative, a model of social economy centered on people, democratic with a vocation for service, social and environmental commitment. We promote the bicycle as a means of ecological, economic, healthy transport and for sustainable mobility for more than 30 years.
  • 300,000, data engineering: They are a professional firm of architects, urban planners and engineers that provides design, data analysis and consulting services for cities.
  • Vonzu: Company that allows companies to digitize, automate and manage all the last mile logistics processes through a software in the cloud. They integrate and digitize all the processes and operations of the last mile distribution, providing 360º visibility to all the agents involved.
  • Recetas Urbanas. After 7 years of solo work Santiago Cirugeda set up the Urban Recipes study in 2003, continuing the development of subversion projects in different areas of urban reality that help to cope with this complicated social life. From systematic occupations of public spaces with containers, to the construction of prostheses on facades, patios, roofs and even on lots. All this negotiating between legality and illegality, to remember the enormous control to which we are subject.
  • La Salle Technova: Based in Barcelona, ​​it is one of the most important incubators in Europe for innovative new technologies. They offer services such as the construction of business plans, financing, acceleration, technological development, office space and much more – they work with the creation of companies from the idea to the globalization.
  • Aceleradora Zona Franca: They have provided us with training in various areas such as human resources, neuromarketing, AgileSales… They have given us a great network of contacts and also organize many networking meetings…

Until now, we have been selected as one of the winning startups in the 2019 logistics hall. We are boosting of the rising sector, getting the public administrations objectives together with the private company

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Leading a project that has managed to change the last mile distribution model, providing more friendly, less polluted cities and generating decent jobs, with workers happy and proud to work for Cargobici

How do you see the mobility sector (in the specific sub-vertical in which you work) in Europe?

The sector changes as the regulations oblige it. There are companies that are prepared with a certain strategy for these changes but in Spain, for the moment, they have not bet on bikes mobility. Other countries such as the Netherlands are betting on it.

For all this, when the moratorium that some cities have given to this type of transport ends we will find many companies with problems to face the new regulations.

How do you think your project can contribute to change the way we move or interact with mobility?

Recent studies of our collaborators have shown that we can reduce urban logistic movements by 50%.

The CycleLogistics project , made it by pro e-bike, concluded that bicycles could do 51% of all logistics trips and 25% of commercial delivery trips in EU cities. Even more impressively, the MOBI research group at Vrije Universitet Brussels suggests that 68% of trips could be shifted from motor vehicles to bikes. This shift from conventional motor vehicles could be achieved without increasing overall costs, and would of course reduce social externalities. The results really were impressive. The partners achieved measurable cost savings, and in almost every case were so convinced by the pilot experience that they are now continuing, or even expanding, their use of electric bikes.

Name 1 or 2 startups or corporates who inspire you and why:

  • Komodo (Germany)
  • Bikeexpress (Denmark)
  • Txita (Spain)

These companies have been an inspiration for our project as they offer options for sustainable transport and care about the future of the environment

Why did you decide to join the Connected Mobility HUB?

From our Startup we want to take advantage of all the synergies related to sustainable mobility and also take advantage of all the opportunities that we find in order to reach our goal. By collaborating with Connected Mobility HUB we can bring an even greener vision to the entire business ecosystem and go further all together.


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