Ox Riders: The new generation of motorbikes

Tell the community who you are and what is your project about:

We are a startup that creates and develops electric motorcycle shaped in a retro-futuristic style. We take the best design back in 1960 and combine it with the latest technology as Big data and machine learning. We offer a mobility solution for young people at an affordable price

What differential value do you contribute to the sector that doesn’t do your competitors?

We solve the need for moving in a different way in cities like Madrid where is very crowded, but adding to that, we are solving the need in a sustainable way.

We solve also the biggest problem of having an electric motorcycle, this problem is where are you charging it. We offer the possibility of taking the batteries out and charge it in the same place that you can charge your phone. All these are surrounded by a lifestyle ecosystem of products, that makes beyond a product, a community. Furthermore, the last added value is how financially accessible it is for young people (+- 3000 euros) that can be paid in monthly payments.

Who is your product or service aimed to?

NICHE MARKET: Divided by type of motorcycle, OX ONE (50CC) OX ONE S (125cc).

OX-1: Our most basic model is designed to be the first motorcycle of our customers. Our target customer ranges from 16 to 22 years. They live in areas where their main movements occur through intra-urban roads, either in the center of the city or in suburban areas.

OX-1 S: This product is intended for the customer who has already had some experience with motorcycles and wants more power, or, for the customer who, out of necessity and routes on which he moves, needs more than something intra-urban. They are between 21 and 31 years old.

Tell us about your team, what motivates you and how is your journey so far:

We are a team from all around the world.

  • Martin Fernandez, Marketing leader, is driving our sales. He is from Spain
  • Valeria Valverde, Brand and community leader, create and take care of our community, she is from Costa Rica
  • Zhang Lizhong, from China, lead us from his experience in the supplier’s area.
  • Adrian Gonzalez, CEO, with experience in Asia and the United States, takes care of the company strategy and new opportunities
  • Markel Gibert, Spanish founder working full time in Shanghai together with Zhang, helping with the product design strategy and processes.

The four of us we have been working together for 4 years now, in different projects and startups. So, we know each other very good and know how to work together as one.

Apart from that, there is one more people part-time, taking care of after-sales and maintenance systems. And we are looking forward now to include in the team a data profile.

We are collaborating also with the tech development company and a Brand designer.

We started the journey in Seattle on June 2018, it has being an amazing process full of learnings.

We are a young company connecting with young people. These people are the ones that are more aware of the shift that we have to make in the world. OX RIDERS is giving them a tool to make this change, challenge the current situation, and make the planet a better place to be.

How? We want to communicate how OX RIDERS started, with the feeling that the stablish is not enough, and we are the pioneers that want to change the world, creating something different, and betting our lives on it.

Our first two models will be available on January 2020, but this is not enough we will keep on working to revolutionize the urban mobility, with different products for the youth to challenge the system and create a movement that is possible to change the world

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself, leading Ox Riders throughout an amazing journey in which we are not only focused on motorcycles if not that we are tackling another sector in mobility or other trendy verticals, we want to be an exponential organization, able to develop different projects in different sectors as Tesla does

How do you see the mobility sector (in the specific sub-vertical in which you work) in Europe?

Its growing a lot, and it is totally needed, it’s clear that we must change the way we behave. Thinking on Earth in a different way, taking care of it.

Sustainability is not a trend anymore, is a reality, powered by young people that want to make a change for a longer and better future

How do you think your project can contribute to change the way we move or interact with mobility?

The problem nowadays in the market is the lack of a stylish motorcycle at an affordable price. Customers that want to drive this style of motorcycles, the only option that they have is oil-powered. So we saw the niche there. Making an affordable motorcycle full of tech, that competes with Hanway or Mash, as the most selled brands in this sector.

Also, we are beyond the product, selling, belonging in a community, with the development of lifestyle products and events.

Name 1 or 2 startups or corporates who inspire you and why:

Tarform and Tesla, for being pioneers in what they do

Why did you decide to join the Connected Mobility HUB?

We join to connect with other stakeholders to join forces for making a shift in mobility.


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