Sharo: Easier commutes make happier employees


Helping organisations achieve Smart Mobility, Sharo Technologies becomes a member of Connected Mobility Hub, know more about them and their solutions in the interview we had with them, welcome!

Tell the community who you are and what is your project about:

Sharo is an early stage start-up and our mission is to help cities and organisation achieve Smart Mobility in their communities. The goal is to get people efficiently from A to B while improving the quality of life, the productivity of businesses, and the environment.

Our Smart Mobility platform analyses live mobility data and helps organisations create and offer Smart Mobility plans that make their commuters trips easier, cheaper and more sustainable. The platform provides access to several mobility providers, and other services such as carpooling and shuttle buses, greatly improving accessibility to their locations.

Sharo Technologies

What differential value do you contribute to the sector that doesn’t do your competitors?

Sharo’s unique value proposition is to provide the missing piece in the current Mobility landscape: a Smart Mobility Hub that connects cities, organisations and people to the Mobility ecosystem. The goal is to maximise efficient collection, analysis and sharing of live mobility data to facilitate effective collaboration among all these actors.

This process enables effective engagement with their communities to analyse their specific mobility challenges and rollout of tailored smart mobility programs within and across organisations, business districts and university campuses. They can incentivise and reward sustainable travel modes and track which programs have the biggest impact.

Who is your product or service aimed to?

Our product is aimed at medium to large companies as well as cities, business and university campuses who are passionate about improving mobility and quality of life in their communities in a sustainable way.

Our platform helps them learn from their commuters’ daily mobility, find out what their biggest pain points are and then implement better mobility plans and policies. This helps them attract and retain talent, improve employee engagement and productivity greatly, while showing that they care for their community’s well-being as well as the environment.

Sharo Technologies

Tell us about your team, what motivates you and how is your journey so far:

The key three members of our team are Maurizio Sturlesi, Carlino Gonzalez and Adam Calihman. We have decades of combined experience leading innovative software, IOT and green tech startups in both Europe and the US.

We believe that ‘smart cities’ should be places where people enjoy living and can easily move around without having to rely on personal cars. By improving mobility, cities can improve their residents and visitors’ quality of life and reduce traffic, noise and environmental pollution.

Sharo’s Smart Mobility platform is ready for pilots. We are having advanced discussions to run pilots with multiple organisations and corporates in Dublin and looking forward to partner with organisations in Spain and other EU countries to run pilots internationally.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

We believe the future of mobility will be shared, autonomous and electric. This combination will get rid of noise and environmental pollution in cities, reduce traffic flow and improve the residents’ quality of life.

In 5 years time, we aim to be the leading Smart Mobility Hub connecting cities and organisations all over Europe and North America to their local mobility ecosystem to help cities become more liveable, sustainable and attract more business and talent.

How do you see the mobility sector (in the specific sub-vertical in which you work) in Europe?

There are still a lot of uncertainties regarding mobility in Europe, let alone in the world. We think is very fragmented with mobility providers offering consumers single travel modes and some integrated mobility options offering by newly emerging MaaS applications.

However, we believe there is a gap in this market. The biggest mobility challenges are created when a lot of people have a need to travel at one specific time, mostly commuting to work or study. As the population grows worldwide, to achieve a sustainable model, corporates need to be able to partner with local and government authorities to learn how their employees travel and plan, rollout and incentivise successful solutions. Sharo’s Smart Mobility platform is built to fill this gap and help them achieve their end goals: improve the quality of life of all residents, the productivity of businesses, and the environment.

How do you think your project can contribute to change the way we move or interact with mobility?

Our platform facilitates public private partnerships among cities, organisations and mobility providers through efficient collection, analysis and sharing of live mobility data. This way all stakeholders can learn how people move and work together to plan, offer and incentivise better mobility programs that improve efficiency, speed, sustainability and cost.

Sharo Technologies

Name 1 or 2 startups or corporates who inspire you and why:

We are inspired by value driven enterprises that create innovative solutions which are sustainable, socially beneficial and profitable at the same time.

One notable example of startup in Ireland that does this very well is UrbanVolt. With their Light as a Service model, Urban Volt helps the world’s largest energy users to rapidly reduce their carbon footprint. And, as a Certified B Corp, they meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. In a similar way Sharo aims to help cities and organisations across Europe and beyond achieve Smart and Sustainable Mobility.

Why did you decide to join the Connected Mobility HUB?

We decided to join the Connected Mobility Hub as we wanted to network with people like us, trying to solve the biggest mobility problems. It will open doors to collaborate and find organisations and cities that put their employees and residents first, and want to help them commute in a faster, greener and more enjoyable way. We are sure our partnership with Connected Mobility Hub will be mutually beneficial and we look forward to work with many of its members and partners to make mobility smarter across Europe and beyond.


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