Discoperi: Safer and more efficient roads

Discoperi is a leading startup in the automotive industry that has developed a blockchain-based solution called System “Eye”, know more about them in this interview. Welcome to the Connected Mobility Hub family!

Tell the community who you are and what is your project about:

Discoperi is a team of international enthusiasts which want to make our roads safer and more efficient. This mission we tackle with two different approaches: from the inside of a car (thanks to System Eye, which is an IoT device able to scan the road and alarm driver if any risk identified) and through the road infrastructure (thanks to City AI, which is a ML/AI-layer, which adds on top of existent CCTV infrastructure in cities and municipalities). On top, be believe that every driver shall own his/her personal data, thus we work towards building a tool, which enables drivers to control and monetize their automotive data.

Discoperi joins Connected Mobility Hub

What differential value do you contribute to the sector that doesn’t do your competitors?

Well, we are probably one of only a few, who try to solve the most critical industry challenges hands-on today. From another side, we also contribute a lot to the industry through our work with research projects (participate in several consortiums) and startup ecosystem (by vastly sharing our learnings and helping building up the next startup ecosystem).

Who is your product or service aimed to?

Our products are aimed to deliver the best-in-class user experience in the area of automotive safety, traffic efficiency and mobility. We aim to have an army of evangelists of our products. In respect to who are these people and organizations: individual drivers, who have families and who want to get back home safe, professional drivers, as well as corporate fleets, insurance companies and municipalities. All of them want to have safer roads and better driving/riding experience, although the reasons may be different.

Discoperi joins Connected Mobility Hub

Tell us about your team, what motivates you and how is your journey so far:

Well, today we have only 5 full-time employees (including me) working with us. This is much less than we had before, but we managed to keep the core team together and sustain it for over three years now. People in our team are here for reason (beyond some monetary factors). We attract very ambitious people, who were/are on the top of the business or personal life. Now they are looking for making some real changes in life (not for them only, but for the humanity), and they see Discoperi as a perfect environment to do that. We have great professionals, for example Hans van Goor, CEO of our Dutch unit, who previously was an Olympic Games winner both as sportsman and coach, or Ernst Hoestra, our Interim-CFO, who was before joining us Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

We see ourselves as one of the top-5 global corporations, which work in the area of automotive innovative solutions, and precisely on the automotive data market. Discoperi enables trillions of automotive data transactions every day, and through that, makes the world a better place and our roads safe, efficient and smart.

How do you see the mobility sector (in the specific sub-vertical in which you work) in Europe?

Mobility as a sector has a large potential. Specifically because there will be a moment, where the data will come to this market in openly accessible way. Then you, as a mobility service provider, will be able to bring your services to the next level, while generating more value for the network. I believe that on the horizon of 10 years mobility will be revolutionized at least three more times from where we are right now. The industry is far from the innovation potential it has. I believe we will play some crucial part of this market.

How do you think your project can contribute to changing the way we move or interact with mobility?

Well, we will be able to contribute by collecting, and what is more, supplying data from billions of people and sources to the open market. The data, for which there is a tonne of demand today, but which is unaccessible for variety of people. The data will be accessible in just three clicks, and by the way, it will be in line with the very strict norms and rules (for example, GDPR). We will also participate in the process of building right set up of technologies and brains for the future autonomous vehicles and their modus operandi.

Discoperi joins Connected Mobility Hub

Name 1 or 2 startups or corporates who inspire you and why:

Many startups actually inspire us. It’s hard to distinguish one or few. I believe those who came across my mind now is Revolut, because these guys, although started low, managed to build a very nice tool in the quite complicated financial services market (where I don’t know that much honestly). From mobility area I like sustainable business models, and thus it’s really hard for me to distinguish one, which inspires me.

Why did you decide to join the Connected Mobility HUB?

Well, it’s all about the people. We know your team for several years now and it seems great what you’ve built so far. We also would like to benefit from the ecosystem you’ve built. It looks amazing for us.


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