Chargick: The future for eMobility users

We want to present you another startup, Chargick. In a few words, they can help everyone who has an electric car.

However, we don’t want to present them to you in a brief way, and that’s why we are sharing the interview we did to their Co-Founder and CEO, Enrique Alía Altares

Tell the community who you are and what is your project about:

The success of business models like AirBnB, Lyft, Uber in recent world is proving that there is a tendency of the user to move from Individual to Collaborative services. Taking this to our advantage in Chargick we are developing the first interconnected community that permits the user of electromobility access to all the services they need including those even before they buy an EV, also to get the most from their knowledge and resources to help others and earn money, with a superior customer experience available on any device. Starting with installation of charging infrastructure, which is the first need of an emobility user, our customers can configurate step by step the solution as per their needs from any device, access to a digital assistant during the process, be connected to our network of certified partners that will realize their installation in one click.

What differential value do you contribute to the sector that doesn’t do your competitors?

Installation of Charging Infrastructure is our first service and we have evolved and transformed the model to be completely online, as it is the first service that user of eMobility demands and it allows us to build the Chargick community according to the process and need of the users. Currently what we find in the market are different players providing services like either Installation Services or some type of collaborative services, but none is focusing on complete life cycle of eMobility user. In
Chargick and through our community we want to provide services that cover the pre buying phase, buying phase and post buying phase of an EV driver.

Who is your product or service aimed to?

The potential market of Chargick is any eMobility user or the 3rd party businesses who want to provide their services to the existing and new eMobility users. In future Chargick ecosystem can be extended to Micromobility users.

Tell us about your team, what motivates you and how is your journey so far:

It is passion of eMobility that brought together all the members of Chargick in first place. The current team of Chargick is formed by people from different areas of experience perfectly complimenting each other. In total the executive team has more than 40 years of work experience. All of us share a common factor and is providing the best customer experience is a differentiator for any type of company and that is what our objective is in Chargick. The team is convinced that if we are successful in our endeavour and provide services during the whole life cycle of EV we can accelerate the adoption of eMobility across the world.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In Chargick we want to create a community that becomes a reference for an eMobility user, where a user can find all type of services they need in a simple and aggregated manner. In this way we can help the users in jumping over the eMobility side and helping them in breaking the barriers that they currently face.

How do you see the mobility sector (in the specific sub-vertical in which you work) in Europe?

In Europe there were nearly 400K electric vehicles sold in 2018 and market is expected to grow exponentially. This is creating specific needs and issues for the user in this new industry and leading to the demand of new solutions and experiences. From Chargick point of view this is the right moment with exponential growth to create a value proposition that is focused on providing a digital experience, fulfilling customer needs using technologies and building a sustainable growth model by providing an

How do you think your project can contribute to changing the way we move or interact with the transportation?

Accelerating the eMobility, making possible the transition to an Electric Vehicle and sustainability services in the community. If we are successful in creating the community where the users can find what they need, providing value to each other it will help break the barriers and reduce the fears of potential future users of eMobility accelerating the whole transition. Apart from that a collaborative economy model allows to develop a set of services sustainable over time and utilize the resources to
provide services to user which otherwise they can ́t get access to.

Name 1 or 2 startups or corporates who inspire you and why:

The companies like SpaceX , with its mission Starlink, and the Boring Company are the examples and inspirations for me as CEO. These companies are able to see a glimpse of the future, see beyond limits,
create an unimaginable value and fight for the current problems in the society.

Why did you decide to join the Connected Mobility HUB?

Independent of whatever great idea one has it is important to pitch that to right set of audience and investors and who can understand the value proposition one is trying to create. Connected Mobility Hub provided us the right platform to reach the target investors and audience for our idea. Also it provides us the opportunity to connect to other similar minded startup with whom we can collaborate and share the ideas being in the same sector.


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