Málaga will host one of the largest investment events in 2019 and these are the 20 participating startups

After a long and challenging selection process, we are now ready to share the list of mobility startups that will present their projects to almost 100 local and international investors specialised in mobility. The event will take place in Malaga, Spain, on May 30th and 31st.

European Investment in mobility startups

In the last years, investment in startups in Europe has grown considerably. During the period of 2015 to 2018, investment in technology companies that are at their initial stage has quadrupled, and went from € 875 million invested in the first semester of 2015 to more than € 3,600 million in the first semester of 2018.

The total financing of European startups increased 36% from 2016 to 2017 (from € 14,000 million to € 19,000 million)

This is a great example of a new generation of technology companies led by Spain, France, Germany, and Sweden, that are being competitive worldwide.

The mobility sector continues to grow and there is global momentum for startups to develop and keep innovating within this sector. One example of this is the idea of connected and autonomous mobility that keeps being a global trend, especially in Spain as a European referent.

In this context, and for the second consecutive year, the Connected Mobility Hub is organising an Investor Event, specialised in mobility industry.

These are the 20 startups that will present their projects to 100 investors

  • ChainGoTech: a startup that provides documentation and logistics solutions focused on international trade and transport, combining supply chain and blockchain technology.
  • Chargick: a platform based on artificial intelligence that solves the day-to-day needs of electromobility users in one click.  
  • Ciclogreen: a startup based on sustainable mobility that allows people to earn gifts and discounts for kilometers traveled by bike, walking, running, or skating. They also have a solution for companies.
  • Tapnex: a delivery management software that empowers businesses to improve their distribution capabilities by automating operations in real time with flexible transport solutions.
  • Group Next:  a data mobility platform created to detect car needs and to find solutions for those needs.
  • Idoneo: the marketplace for searching, comparing and buying all the mobility you need. Today and in the future
  • Iomob: a startup that offers a decentralized, open and interoperable turnkey MaaS solution to major transport and mobility industry players like train and bus companies; airlines and airports; car manufacturers; auto clubs; mobility startups; and public transit authorities.  
  • Journify: a mobile app that connects people and allows them to share car rides on their daily journeys.
  • LetMePark: a corporate service that automates the parking process: searching, booking, paying, and management of expenses.
  • Make My Day: a startup B2B that seeks to make accomplishing daily errands more efficient and cost-effective. Its personal assistant determines the optimal route for multiple errands based on each business’ distance from the user and other businesses, queue length, working hours, parking, and traffic conditions. It also estimates how long each task should take and the total time required for all of the errands.
  • Mox: a logistics provider for businesses and individuals. They connect companies with clients to maximize their production capacity and multiply their sales.
  • Navlandis: is an R&D company that provides innovative solutions to real needs in the logistics industry. Zbox is its first product; an innovative, foldable ISO container to reduce the economic and environmental costs of empty container transport.
  • Parc app: a mobile application to share parking spaces between individuals, easily, comfortably and safely.
  • Place to Plug: is an EV charging platform powered by AI and blockchain that connects EV drivers and charging points.
  • Rigi Technologies gmbH: a startup working on designing technology that enables drone delivery to integrate ​any​ existing supply chain, making a whole new range of drone-enabled deliveries possible.
  • Smart Monkey: offers an AI-powered route optimizer. Their AI technology captures the Point of Sale needs from drivers’ actions completely autonomously. This AI generates a valuable data asset for the company that enables their high-performance route optimizer to suggest routes 30% more efficient than the routes executed by experienced drivers.
  • TravelAI: a context detection software for transport and mobility. It works 24/7 in the background, studying the speed, location and movement pattern to automatically determine the route and the user’s transport method.
  • Zeleros hyperloop: a sustainable high-speed transport system to move people & cargo at >1000km/h.
  • Revoolt: an all-in-one sustainable platform for all those players who require or offer delivery services in the last mile.
  • Homyhub: a startup that turns your garage into a valuable space in your life. A retrofit device that connects to your existing garage opener, turning it into a smart one.


This year, the event is expected to welcome at least double the amount of investors as the previous edition, and about half of them from outside of Spain. However, the Connected Mobility Hub will continue to limit the number of startups pitching to about 20 to provide greater value to the investors.

“Investors will consist of approximately 50 investment funds with tickets between 250K and 10M (ETF Partners, Swanlaab, FiTalent, The Venture City, Soprea,…), 20 business angels with tickets between 10K and 150K (Julian Recuenco, Ramon Compaño,…) and corporates with the Open Innovation or CVC areas (Renfe, CMC21, Everis Initiatives, Innoenergy, Amadeus…)”, explained Tom Horsey, co-founder of Connected Mobility Hub.

Until now, the confirmed investors are:

During two days, the startups and investors will have enough spaces to meet them deeply. “We want find that they meet themselves, really. It is not only about networking, but it is also about smart money”, focused Tom.

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