The way to sustainable mobility

Connected Mobility HUB was present at a Swedish Embassy’s event: the Way to Sustainable Mobility, where we talking about the challenges of the sector in the public administration, the comparison between Madrid and Stockholm as referents cities in mobility.

New technologies and climate change have transformed urban mobility on the way to a greener, more innovative and inclusive future aimed at improving the citizen’s quality.

The cities represent around 75% of all greenhouse effect and gas emissions. In recent years, European cities have made significant improvements to make sustainable mobility systems, as the case of Stockholm and Madrid.

Taking all this into account, the Swedish Embassy and Hispanic-Swedish Commerce Chamber had created an event to discuss the comparison between Stockholm and Madrid and included a business perspective with Volvo Cars, VOI, Volvo Buses, Ericsson and Cabify.

The event had more of 100 participants and it was divided in:

Challenges in the Public Administration

The first part was moderate for Diego Bayón, Associate Director of KREAB, and in the round table participate Juan Azcarate, Deputy Director of the Energy, Environment and Change Climate area in the Madrid City Hall and Mariangelina Evliati, Project Manager, Environment and Clean Vehicles Responsible in Stockholm City Hall.

Their participation focused on emissions reductions as the main aim for any City Hall. The aim of Stockholm City Hall for 2045 is will be a city zero emissions CO2. In the same way, Madrid City Hall mentioned the Plan of Air Quality and Climate Change. Juan Azcárate told: “today, 50% of the emissions are from traffic. In this point, we have to create solutions”.

On the other hand, Evliati recognized the effort of Madrid City Hall in solutions as Central Madrid or free parking in zone ORA without limit in electric vehicles.

To both cities, the regulation in sustainable logistics is a big and necessary challenge. The online sells made the traffic a problem in big cities, for this reason, Madrid and  Stockholm are following the initiatives that solve this problem. For example, Stockholm is starting a pilot about logistic in electric and autonomous cars.

Challenges in Urban Mobility

Both cities want to make things easier for the citizens and keep sustainable development. The electrification of the vehicles is key but, in different ways, to Madrid, the main difficulty is occupying the urban space, instead, to Stockholm, is important give new infrastructures to make easier and bring closer the charge points to the citizens.

Innovative solutions in urban mobility

The second round table was moderate for Jorge Barrero, CEO of Cotec Foundation , with companies as Ericsson, VOI, Cabify, Volvo Buses and Volvo Cars.

The investment in an electric car is a critical element to urban sustainability, to Volvo Cars and Cabify. Both companies need that the administration gives some scenarios to aim a future of autonomous vehicle. We know that the use of the vehicle is 4% and the shared car grows to 70%, affirmed Cabify, 1 shared car avoid 15 particulars cars.

Volvo Buses bet to electric buses since 2010 and works with hybrids models in many cities and with electric models in pilot cities. The Spanish challenge is that an electric bus can’t coexist with air conditioner, today in big cities as Madrid or Barcelona but, this will solve in the future with better designs and batteries.

VOI promotes the micro-mobility and helps the citizens at the first or the last kilometer trought the use of the scooters, green model mobility.

The electrification challenges are the keys to the future. Actually, the deployment of 5G of Ericsson is going forward with a pilot in Sweden with Volvo Cars.

In the future, we want choose the type of mobility, where the user has a mobility credit and make use according to their needs: car, public transport, scooter or motorcycle.


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