World Shopper Conference 2019

The leading event about the future of automotive and mobility. The World Shopper Conference Iberian will be held in two days, the 17th of May will be dedicated to Strategic Sessions and the 19th to Learning Sessions.

This year, 50 high profile speakers will present innovative content. This will be the best chance to access to New Ideas and Opportunities in digitalization, new mobility concepts, electrification, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, innovative management, strategies and more.

The WSC offers fantastic conditions to Connected Mobility Hub’s members: a counter, with fast wi-fi and power; a presentation at the Startup Stage and invitee per day with the lunch included, free. 

About Startups at WSC

IZIRepair, a digital platform that offers associated workshops an online presence, a value-added service, without the need for an initial investment. Increases the workshops’ opportunities: reduces the time lost with the manual budget and avoids investment in uncertain marketing campaigns.

Powertrack, a spanish technology company that has developed a new power transmission system. This new system is designed for application to multiple industrial sectors including the automotive. The current trend is that manual gearboxes lose market in favor of the automatic.

Eccocar (with theirp partner Quickly), mobility solutions for a more efficient fleet. Manage, share, control and optimize your fleet of cars and vans from a single SaaS platform.

VOI, is bringing shared electric scooters to the streets of Europe. They fight for a future with cities free from noise and pollution with happier citizens.

FuelSave, we work to make the world a more efficient, safer and less polluted place to live. We’re building a future where data can be leveraged to serve businesses, create value, and improve quality of life.

Shotl,has begun to implement a new system of passenger transport on demand, capable of grouping real-time urban bus users, starting from their origins and destinations. It is a service that consists of providing a flexible bus, without routes nor established schedules, which approaches the user when and where he needs it.

GantaBI, a software tool to transform the dispersion of data from multiple sources into information easier to process. They help to have a better visualization of the companies’ states, to improve decision making, reduce costs, increase profits and gain competitiveness.

How can I participate?

If you want to know more about the WSC you can write us:


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