Connected Mobility HUB in Motortec Automechanika

Motortec is the leading international fair for the automotive industry in Spain aimed at professional visitors from the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America and North Africa. It has been organized and celebrated by IFEMA, Feria de Madrid, from 13 to 16 March, between 10:00 and 19:00.

From Connected Mobility HUB we want to make a small reflection about the development and result of the event, as well as to tell about our magnificent experience as participants, with 12 startups that innovating the automotive and after-sales industry.

About Startups at Motortec

Bubocar, design software products to digitalization and adaptation to new automotive technologies. It solves problems such as low loyalty, excessive burden administrative and seeks to make better the customers’ experience.

QRStickers, offers more reviews with more frequent and cheaper for the drivers. In addition, the workshops will be able to make better offers focused on the real repair of each client in every moment

Autingo, a digital platform that allows the vehicle’s owner to calculate the price and guaranteed repair or maintenance of the car, and book an online appointment in a workshop. Also, it generates growth opportunities for the workshops.

IZIRepair, a digital platform that offers associated workshops an online presence, a value-added service, without the need for an initial investment. Increases the workshops’ opportunities: reduces the time lost with the manual budget and avoids investment in uncertain marketing campaigns.

Powertrack,sa Spanish technology company that has developed a new power transmission system. This new system is designed for application to multiple industrial sectors including the automotive. The current trend is that manual gearboxes lose market in favor of the automatic.

Furgo,helps through a single platform where integrate customers and transportation providers and be able to manage in a unified way all the operations with real-time tracking, automating and optimizing all routes and deliveries.

Electronic ID,has found a way to digitally identify people with the highest level of security and regulatory compliance, which opens a large number of doors in terms of agility and versatility in millions of processes.

HelpFlash,has developed a lighting device. The function is to immediately signal a vehicle that has been involved in an accident or a fault.

Gasport,captures and locks up nearby drivers. Their users use the vehicle for work and refuel biweekly or more. The most recurrent use of the app is to know prices and promotions close to refueling.

Tallerator,a platform that offers drivers to receive maintenance budgets and repair for their cars, in a way fast and comfortable. In turn, it offers to the mechanical workshops get geolocated customers with a real need and so, increase your billing.

Frequent Driver,a mobile application for drivers and companies, with which it is rewarded to the driver with points or each km. travel. These are redeemable for promotions, upgrades and gifts in products and services.

RiveKids,an accessory independent of the vehicle and the chair that allows recovering that lost space by displacing the chair towards the door, so that it can be occupied comfortably and secure by an adult or to install a third chair, also improving the safety of a set of occupants of such places back.

Motortec results

Motortec Atomechanika closed its 14th edition reinforcing its strategic position for the commercialization of the spare parts and components industry.

  • A total of 56,448 professionals visited the fair
  • It caused an increase of 10% in relation to the 2015 edition
  • The number of exhibitors registered a growth of 12%
  • 685 companies from 27 countries
  • 39,014 net square meters of exposure for the after-sales sector.

Through a survey of 400 professionals who attended the show, it was found that 90% of respondents rated the fair very positively, considering it “interesting” or “very interesting”; 20% left with a firm commitment to purchase, while the remaining 60% believe they will buy something before three months.

In the next weeks, Connected Mobility Hub and Motortec will publish an Innovation Report with the fair’s results and the main conclusions.


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