Investor Event

Tom Horsey, Connected Mobility HUB’s co-founder and organizer of the investment event specializing in mobility that takes place next May in Málaga, tells us how this year’s Investor Event will be, its changes, and its innovations.

We have chosen Malaga for this year’s event not just because as an association our roots are in Andalucia, but because the city is “open for business”, explains Tom.

With a fast-growing startup ecosystem, a willingness to trial pilots (from autonomous buses through to intelligent buildings), a vibrant digital content center and a proactive investor relations team at the town hall. Indeed, the help and support that we have had from the Department of Productive Economy in the town hall, in particular from Isabel Pascual, has been phenomenal.

This year we have also expanded the geographical reach of startup projects presenting so as to fulfill the requests from multiple funds and corporate VCs with regard to including more later stage startups. We also sincerely believe that there is an opportunity for great cross border collaboration between mobility startups. We see many startups running similar projects in different geographies, and as the saying goes “united we stand, divided we fall”. Our hope is that by creating more links between the pan European investment community and indeed the pan European startup community, we help forge relationships that will result in more cross border collaboration.

At our first investor event in 2018, we brought together 22 mobility startups and 55 different funds and corporate VCs with fantastic feedback from all parties involved. This year we expect at least double the number of investors, with about half from outside of Spain, although we will continue to limit the number of startups pitching to about 20. To provide greater value to the investors attending we have also included a number of sessions on Thursday afternoon focused on co-investment in mobility funding.

How can I participate?

Whether you are a startup or an investor, you can register to participate in the event website. In the coming months, the Connected Mobility Hub will filter the participants and will be communicated to all interested parties.

So you know, if you are looking for investment and you have a mobility startup, or you are an investor and you are looking for a quality project in which to invest, take the opportunity and apply to participate in the investor event.

If you want to know more information, we organize a webinar with Tom Horsey on March 20th, at 17:00.

You can sign up here.


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