“With Meep, it is now possible to get on a bus and finish the trip on a nearby scooter”

The way we move in the cities are changing really fast, and the increasing number of operators offers new opportunities, but also, it forces you to download dozens of apps in your smartphone. Meep is a startup who offers a solution to this problem. To talk about this new mobility solution, we have Guillermo Campoamor, Meep’s co-founder.

Guillermo Campoamor

Hello, Guillermo, very briefly, tell the community who you are and what your project is about:

Meep is an app that integrates all available modes of transportation in a city, public and private, where users can plan, reserve and pay for multimodal smart routes without having to access multiple transport apps.

What differential value do you contribute to the sector that your competition does not?

We have developed an algorithm that combines every type of available transportation providing users with multimodal routes according to their preferences. With Meep, it is now possible to get on a bus and finish the trip on a nearby scooter.

Who is your service aimed to?

We are currently live in Lisbon, Malaga, and Malta. Generally, we are looking to deploy in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants that are technologically developed and have a diverse mobility ecosystem. The end users of the app are locals and tourists who want to move around their city in a more personalized and sustainable.meep-app

Tell us about your team, what motivated you to undertake the challenge and how the journey is so far

Before Meep, some of the founders worked in the transport sector and others traveled extensively for work. We recognized the need to modernize transportation and bring it closer to the user. Now, we are 14 people with many different profiles, all of whom want to improve the experience of city mobility, especially now that urban mobility is becoming increasingly vital.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

We want to be the exemplary mobility platform for urban smart routes, allowing thousands of users to pay for all of their multimodal and sustainable trips through Meep. People will no longer need to use 20 different apps or a private car to easily move through their city.

How do you see the mobility sector in Spain and Portugal? And on an international level?

Mobility in Spain and Portugal is advancing quickly and there are many companies invested in changing the traditional ways of moving around the cities. It is true that many continue to use private cars and to rely on certain means of transport more heavily than others, but the change will come by offering new alternatives and collaborating among those who want to change the world of mobility.

How do you think your project can contribute to change the way in which we move or relate to transportation?

With Meep, people will discover new routes, based on their preferences, in which they can integrate conventional means of transport with those more innovative. This will improve access to alternative means of transportation, and people will opt less and less for private vehicles. We want to help people move through their day to day in a more efficient way.

Name 1-2 startups or companies that inspire you and why?

We are really interested in what the team at what3words is doing, and how they are changing the traditional positioning on maps. We think that if they manage to make their solution the standard, it will be a breakthrough for voice navigation and affect many fields. We also have as a reference Remix and its public transport planning software. We believe that such tools are improving the quality of life of people in cities directly through public transport.

Why did you decide to become part of the Connected Mobility HUB?

We really like the project and are excited to be able to form a part of a community whose central focus is mobility. Through the community, we can share knowledge and form key relationships to continue to improve our platform. We can also use our experience to help other startups grow and deploy their solutions.

Want to know more about Meep? Check out this video!

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