Scootersharing in Madrid, and the challenges of the new mobilities

Scootersharing, their legal regulation and their safety were some of the issues that were discussed in this event about mobility, road safety and responsible driving organized by El Español with the collaboration of Connected Mobility HUB. 

The speakers were Ángel Aguilar ( SICE), Eduardo Gómez (Pons Fundación), Grégoire Destre (Coyote), Javier villalba (DGT), Teófilo de Luis Rodriguez (Congreso) y Jacobo Díaz Pineda (AEC), moderated by Miguel Ángel Uriondo (El Español). 

scooter sharing Madri2

First, the conversation was focus on ‘Madrid Centro’ and  the consequences of the implementation of said rule. One of the most polemical and controversial topic of the meeting was the new prohibition of the new mobility scootersharing services in Madrid and the  measures that they would have to take for his operation such as if they should drive along the sidewalk or the road, if they should do controls to their users, if they are a real danger for pederestians, etc. 

Starred to in the talk the right speed of both scooters and cars, because there were different opinions about it. This diversity of opinions was based on the culpability of accidents, some of them thought that speeding is the most probable cause of accident and some others thought that it´s not the real problem. The dissidents believed that distractions with the mobile phone were a greater cause of danger, being already five hundred accidents which has been charged in this last year , for this alleged cause, and the fact that the 43% of young people chat while driving. Anyway, all of them wanted to find the way to ensure compliance with speed limits.

Speaking of mobile distractions, the next important topic was the new technologies that help users to perform tasks without needing to stop paying attention to driving, like GPS navigators, screens with voice management or free-hands phones. These innovations together with the new car automation systems that allows travel programs, enable to advance not only in the comfort of the driver, but also in their safety since they do not have the faults of the human being.

Ultimately, the speakers talk a bit about the education of both drivers and pedestrians, and the responsibility that each one has to carry because we can not always blame external agents for accidents. Some even talk about the eco sticker that has to be carried in the car, which finally confirmed us and the possibility of renovate the license every so often.

As a conclusion, the meeting dealt with highly topical and controversial issues and did so in a very dynamic and considered way among all the speakers.

We appreciate the invitation and everything we have learned; We hope they solve the problems and keep moving so much and so well.

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